The goal of Fellowship’s world missions ministry is to lead people to Christ and establish them in local churches. Our church supports twelve full-time missionary families, who work in a variety of capacities around the world.¬†We view our missionaries as part of our church family, as they are extending the ministry of our church to places we would otherwise be unable to reach. We develop close relationships with them and make a point of knowing the details of their lives and their work, so that we might pray for them more effectively and rejoice in their accomplishments.

Here is a sampling of the work our missionaries do:

  • Church Planting in Brazil, SE Asia, and other sites in the U.S. and abroad

  • Ministry Training and Bible Education

  • Evangelistic radio production in Europe and North Africa

  • On-site training and support for pastors in South America, Africa and South Asia

  • Ministry to international students at American universities